SITTY  was conceived and designed by Gigodesign and produced in our company. The first pilot installation was enabled by the municipality of Ljubljana.

The SITTY project was partly financed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia. 

Authors: Miha Klinar, Martin Šoštarič, Andraž Šapec / Gigodesign d.o.o.

Implementation: Petrič d.o.o.

Engineering: Zdenko Savšek with partners / Projektni biro Pirnar Savšek d.o.o.

Biennial of design was already founded in 1964as a Biennial of Industrial Design, this year celebrates 50 years. At this turning point in the Bienniale underwent profounded changes. 

Participants in this yeas's jubilee Biennale will be dealt with themes of everyday life. Participants are working in groups and they work directly with companies, as an example - group under theme of Hidden crafts cooperate with our company, and also made the project work entitled In the Land of Steel. 

In the project work we wish to emphasize that the scrap metal generated in our workshop is good to use before is discarded (this is process of upcycling).

Work will be judged by international jury that will award the prize for the best cooperation. The results of the work group will be presented from 17th September till 7th December at the Museum of Architecture and Design, Jakopič Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art and in the publication of the Biennal. 

Slovenian Forum of Innovations is a nacional event, which present innovative business ideas, technical improvements, innovations, inventions, innovative products, services and business modules. Last Slovenian Forum of Innovation was decided to Permanent and Smart Growth.

Our company applied with our innovative system of building walls WALLRUN. Product was developed in our company in collaboration with design company Gigodesign. Experiences of both companies aid to modern and innovarive product.

Modular system WALLRUN was designed with thought of deliberate and racional product. We are still open for development of new elements.