Pellet boiler

A MADE ByPetrič boiler guarantees the highest quality standards. It runs completely autonomously, allowing the automation of the turn on/off function, the regulation of heating power and air flow, as well as the regular removal of ash into a separate collector. It is also extremely fuel efficient and very generous when it comes to heat supply. Since it consumes little electric power and requires minimum maintenance, operating costs are low. However, the boiler also excels in terms of its external features. Its modern design and modest dimensions make it easy to accommodate in any living area.

The boiler was developed in Slovenia, which is also where the manufacturing process takes place, thereby guaranteeing high quality and prompt servicing.


Mini factory of warmth

Automatic operation (turning on/off, heating power
regulation, heat exchanger cleaning, ash removal)

Minimum maintenance and prompt servicing guaranteed

Optimised energy consumption

Dimensions suitable for living areas

Modern design, clear lines.

Another reason why the K11 MADE ByPetrič pellet boiler is the sensible option is because it is listed among the combustion plants that are eligible for subsidies. This is because it has been engineered in order to ensure minimum emission levels at minimum adjustable power level, in accordance with the SIST EN 303-5 standard. Grants of up to 20% of the investment cost are offered for the K11 MADE ByPetrič unit (with/without the hopper).

We are the proud holder of the IMQ certificate and the CE mark for the K11 MADE ByPetrič pellet boilers. This confirms that the boilers have been manufactured and tested in accordance with the safety requirements of the applicable European directives.

And this is only the start. A great start, but a start nevertheless.
MADE ByPetrič is a forward looking company. We are constantly developing tomorrow’s solutions at our in-house development department. Therefore our brand is guaranteed to expand its sphere of influence and its range of boilers. Through its focus on innovation, MADE ByPetrič will continue to strengthen its relations with its customers and be synonymous with excellent products and impeccable services.

The combustion chamber is designed as a standalone unit with a preheated air supply in order to optimise the combustion process.

A smart feeding system dispenses the pellets in precise quantities. When operating, it protects the hopper from the flame from the combustion chamber.

The removal of ash from the combustion chamber is fully automated in order to provide total peace of mind.